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The Ape Zone exists within our metaphysical reality to serve as a reposatory for Ape-Related Content

Ape Observation Zone
The ape Observation zone serves to document and present accurate information on the many varietys of ape and assign a quntifiable and arbitrary score out of 10
Ape Variety Comments On Ape Ape Rateing


an angery chimpanzee
  • A Classic ape
  • Monkey with gains
  • Wont live past 15
  • Understands, crafts, and utilizes Tools
  • also weapons
  • looks are decvieing
  • Capable Of Violence
  • and cruelty
  • Closest liveing primate relative


Proboscis Monkey

funny lookin Monkey
  • Frankly I didn't know this thing exists
  • Looks funny
  • May have no Soul i mean look at those eyes
  • Found on some island called Borneo
  • Always seem a bit sad
  • Dad Bod
  • May commit infanticide



  • Bigest monkey
  • Bad Posture
  • Rather Colorful
  • A group of them is called a horde
  • probably wouldn't fight it
  • Never seen one stand
  • but I imagine it would be quite terrifing



  • Orange
  • Impeccable cheekline
  • Known to chill in trees and eat fruit
  • A bit fat
  • A good bit lankey
  • The most Intelligent of apes
  • Critically Endangered due to palm oil
  • May seek revenge
  • Can utelize tools
  • Sinister intentions
  • Can also be found on the island of Borneo


(-0.4 points) Face flaps kinda wack


  • Fun name to say
  • effective insult as well
  • Lanky ass arms
  • primary method of locomotion involves these arms
  • Can launch itself off a branch up to 50 feet
  • Can leap 28 feet
  • Fastest thing to exist in a tree
  • Currently not hostile


I find them amuseing

Noteable quotes from apes

"Give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you." -Nim Chimpsky (November 19, 1973 - March 10, 2000)